Activated rolled oats porridge

Activated porridge

Soaking and activating grains is important because it neutralizes phytic acid and improve their nutritional benefits.

I had some experience in soaking the grains but I hadn’t tried to activate them. I wanted to try something healthy and new and after reading a lot of articles on the topic I decided to give it a try. As a yogurt fan I chose to activate them with lactobacilli by simply soaking the grains in warm water with a spoon of Bulgarian yogurt. I left the grains in the water for the night and in the morning I had a freshly activated porridge. Using some seasonal and local fruits give it an irresistible taste.

All you need is:

Rolled oats

Warm water

1 spoon Bulgarian yogurt (If you are vegan instead of yogurt you can use powdered live culture)

1 apple

1 pear


You can add some spices like cinnamon, vanilla or cardamon. Adding some honey will make the porridge sweeter if it is not sweet enough for you.



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