What about the coconut?

The summer is here, so are the summer and tropical fruits. Store shells are full with colorful variety of fruits and veggies. Preparing for an exam in health coaching during this time of the year was easy. I was able to boost my mood and energy with a whole rainbow of fruits including coconut. While munching on this refreshing slightly sweet fruit, I was thinking about the recent articles I had read about coconut’s health benefits.

So here I am, back to theWellnessCanvas with my latest thoughts and research on coconut.

Coconut summer

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Rooibos tea: A healthy alternative to coffee

Drink coffee

I used to be a coffee addict. I went with an eye-opening coffee in the morning and then switched to energy-boosting cappuccino in the late afternoon. This was the best-case scenario, though. Under pressure and during exam time at the university, I drank it to improve concentration and I used caffeine instead of sleep. There were days when my coffee consumption was more than 5 cups per day. This is how I reached the point when coffee no longer gave me a boost. On the contrary, I started suffering common caffeine overdose symptoms like nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia. When the symptoms escalated, I just decided to quit. However, it took me a long time to find the best coffee substitute. And honestly,  also didn’t want to give up the milk which is a great supplement to the hot beverage.

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No added sugar, please!

Why is added sugar so bad for us?


I used to have a literature teacher who was an incredibly interesting person. He held a dual degree in Literature and Oriental studies, and had an unusual perception of wellness which was certainly honed by his strong interest in Eastern culture. Back then, when low-carb and low-sugar diets weren’t in vogue, my teacher seemed to be waging a crusade against eating sugar. Only years later, after a challenging time while living abroad  did I understand what my teacher had meant: sugar can have an outsize effect on our health and the way we feel.

One of the main triggers to dive into the sugar topic were the afternoon energy slumps and mood changes I experienced regularly. I tried different diets in search of ways  to retain energy and avoid the energy slumps, and I read hundreds of articles on the relation between anxiety, depression and various foods. This is how I realized that I was consuming an enormous amount of sugar and that it seemed to be related to some of the health problems I had during that time.

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Glucose is what you need

What are carbohydrates and sugars?

Our body needs carbohydrates in order to generate energy for the brain. Our brain cells depend exclusively on glucose consumption and even when we do not exercise any physical activity, our brain consumes more than 2/3 of the carbohydrates in the bloodstream.

It is, however, crucial to know what the carbohydrates are made of and when they are healthy for us. I used to hear that I should eat chocolate snacks when I am under stress, or want to boost brain energy and concentration. For many people carbohydrates equal sugar, which equals candy bars. The truth is somehow different.

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