Homemade organic Nutella

It is such an inspiration to prepare your food from the very first part of preparation. It all started by picking  hazelnuts right from the tree. It was such fun picking my favourite nuts from our own garden where they grow completely organic.


We brought the picked hazelnuts in the city and left them to dry on our balcony. A week later we removed the shells and we already knew what we are going to prepare – favourite dessert to many people around the world – Nutella.

Organic hazelnuts copy

If you don’t have your own tree to pick the hazelnuts, choose organic and raw ones. The most healthy way to prepare them is to soak them overnight in water and to bake them in the morning. Place the nuts in a preheated oven and toast them until they are brown. Once they are ready, leave them to cool.

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Remove the skin as much as possible.

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Add the cooled hazelnuts to the food processor bowl. If you prefer a smooth creamy texture first mix the hazelnuts and afterwards add the remaining ingredients. If you prefer to have the “chunky” version of Nutella then mix all the ingredients together with the whole hazelnuts.

We decided on the “chunky” version and put coconut oil, coconut milk, cacao powder and a bit of honey together with the whole hazelnuts in the processor.

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Serve the irresistibly delicious spread on a toast or as a dessert topped with some fresh fruits.

Homemade organic Nutella:

A cup of hazelnuts
Organic coconut milk 
1 tblsp organic coconut oil
1 tblsp organic cacao powder
1 tsp organic honey


Activated rolled oats porridge

Activated porridge

Soaking and activating grains is important because it neutralizes phytic acid and improve their nutritional benefits.

I had some experience in soaking the grains but I hadn’t tried to activate them. I wanted to try something healthy and new and after reading a lot of articles on the topic I decided to give it a try. As a yogurt fan I chose to activate them with lactobacilli by simply soaking the grains in warm water with a spoon of Bulgarian yogurt. I left the grains in the water for the night and in the morning I had a freshly activated porridge. Using some seasonal and local fruits give it an irresistible taste.

All you need is:

Rolled oats

Warm water

1 spoon Bulgarian yogurt (If you are vegan instead of yogurt you can use powdered live culture)

1 apple

1 pear


You can add some spices like cinnamon, vanilla or cardamon. Adding some honey will make the porridge sweeter if it is not sweet enough for you.