Happiness is in the simple things.

They were having a delicious spring roll with potato chips on the table next to me. Two weeks in a row in Nepal I was eating only fried rice and noodles and their dinner caught my eye. This is how the food introduces us to each other.

Melanie and Etienne

Melanie is 28 years old X-ray technician and Etienne a 27 years old fresh fish buyer and seller. They both live in Boulogne-sur-Mer in Northern France. By her smile and his look you can feel the great energy they have by being together. Calm, happy and completing each other.

I was so excited to learn more about them.

What makes you happy?

Melanie: Freedom. I am happy when I have the opportunities to do what I love to do. Working in the medical area is another aspect. I love my job, I love helping people and I am happy to have the chance to do it.

Etienne: Simple things. Back in my country, France, everything tends to be more complex. People have to prove themselves, their friends and family, their boss who they are and they can really do what they are doing. Comparing the Western world with Nepal, I can clearly see how much happier are the people when having simpler life. Just simple food, new friends, not proving anyone anything, just being yourself.

What inspires you?

Melanie: I love listening to music! I am listening while I am reading, doing some sport or simply walking. This is my daily energy booster. My family, friends and all the people close to me are the main source of inspiration. 

Etienne: Nature and ambiguity. Discovering new things (culture, people, areas) can be really inspiring since you don’t have prejudices and you are open-minded without judging.

What is your favourite food?

Etienne: Melanie is a great cook. She loves cooking and she is preparing different delicious dishes with spices that we brought with us from all over the world.

Melanie: (smiling) I love well prepared dessert like a cake or chocolate.

Etienne: Talking sweet, I love candies. When I was a child my sister bought me candies secretly, without my parents to know. Candies are childhood memory, something that makes me happy.

But they both agreed on…

Etienne: Salad…

Melanie:…with some vinegar and French cheese…

Etienne:…and spices…

Melanie:…and a glass of wine.

Etienne: Definitely our thing. When we don’t have plans, we love to stay at home and to enjoy this simple dinner and being together. It is simple but making us happy.

Thank you, lovely Melanie and Etienne! It is good to meet someone who reminds you that happiness is in the simple things.

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