What is success?

Everyone wants to be successful. Nowadays in our global online society we are fraught with catchy slogans like “Work hard. Dream big.”. All of these catchphrases that we post on our facebook walls are more or less just crowd pleasers. Almost everyone dreams of being insanely successful like a famous sport figure, worldwide beloved politician, best-paid banker or 25-year-old billionaire entrepreneur, or like Bruno Mars in his famous song:

 “Oh every time I close my eyes

I see my name in shining lights”


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Happy but meaningless life

Are you a taker or a giver?

Businessman sleeping

My previous job bored me rigid and I felt I was throwing my youth away. I felt miserable and totally unhappy irrespective of all the responsibilities I had. I could no longer live with myself at this job and I just quit. I felt a huge sense of relief and I started a new job that did not strike me as boring. I was happier but still something was missing. I was getting lost in worries about meaningfulness.

Meaningful but unhappy life vs. happy and meaningless life

A research by the Standford Graduate School of Business outlines the correlation between happiness and meaningfulness. It seems that both are crucial for our well being but in different ways.

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